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Art and literature. Culture and festals. Free time and hobbies. Money, job and career. Hobby, free time and dreams. Reading talking theme “moondial“. Art and literature. Talking about lithuanian art and literature can name some famous writers and artists. For example ciurlionis, he was professional writer and artist. His works are well con ...
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Sport. Some people like sport, some hate it. Which side are you on?In what ways is sport important to people?Who is you favourite sportsman/woman?Why? Sport-health say many people. Why?Because sport is youth, energy and health. People who are fond of sport are always strong, bouncy and lively. However, not all people are fond of sport so t
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Nowadays people discuss about living in democratic or monarchic countries. Some people feel that democratic is the best way of living while others feel that one-man control is better. The major advantage of democracy is that every people who live in country can take their part in government. Besides, government can be changed by people
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Yoshiro Nakamatsu ( born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is a Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for number of inventions with over 3,000. He is known as the “Edison of Japan.” Nakamatsu claims that possibly his greatest invention is the floppy disk (1950). He is the only person who has licensed 16 patents to IBM, inc
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