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Cafe Dreamland Business plan. Referatas

(Anglų kalba. Referatas, 12 puslapių, 203kB)
Darbe esantys žodžiai: Introduction. Details of business. Personnel selection and demands. Administration. Operating personnel. Product. Competition. Marketing. Evaluation of customers. Premises and equipment. SWOT. Conclusion. Everything is changing and improving unbelievably fast and catering business is no exception. People are getting more and more busy and do not have as much time for housework as they used to. Trying to save time and relax, people prefer to choose catering facilities where they not only have meats but also have a good time, relax and see their friends. More and more various catering facilities are offering their service. However, in our opinion, there is a demand for catering facilities for children. Therefore, we are creating a business plan that could help to solve this problem. Our aim is to improve parents, pleasure time as well as make children happy and feel loved and important. We think our plan is well thought and could be successful.
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