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Kompanijos pristatymas Girteka. Namų darbas

(Anglų kalba. Namų darbas, 8 puslapiai, 115kB)
Darbe esantys žodžiai: Girteka logistics – one of the leading transport companies in Eastern Europe in the field of comprehensive freight Its activities started in 1996 from international freight routes, Girteka has grown to a group of companies that can offer clients a wide range of complex and high-quality logistics services. Today we're escalating the international logistics business participants, regular clients and partners ' confidence in the entries. Reliability - to carry out what you promise, and do not promise what we can not meet. Each employee is responsible for his words and actions both in front of customers, both before leaders and colleagues. Cooperation - with the overall goal, not a separate section of interest. By partnering with customers and partners, we strive to deeply understand their needs and problems. Professionalism - we offer the customer solutions, implemented by competent staff, promptly and fully resolve the problems, we apply what is the most advanced, constantly trying to learn and improve. The ability to communicate with business partners- throughout Europe and in Russia. Our customers - known companies working in different cultures and countries, Intensive communication- together we strive for a common goal, to maintain close relationships with their business partners, New and modern jobs places - bright office, ergonomic furniture, the latest IT technologies and programs ensure smooth functioning of our work
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